Classic kitchens in Alicante

As kitchen experts in Alicante, we also carry out a large number of projects aimed at getting our customers their classic kitchens. Lifelong kitchens, yes, but that do not give up all the current innovations and be manufactured with the most modern materials and offer the best performance.

Our classic kitchens in Alicante cover various styles within the most traditional trends. These are kitchens that remind us of those of the past in terms of their design and motifs, but which always have a touch that brings them up to date and, without ceasing to make that nod to what has always been the case, they are in every sense the kitchens of today.

The most requested type of kitchen is a classic white kitchen. A type of kitchen that never goes out of fashion and that people of all ages like. It fits in practically all types of decoration and, in the case of open kitchens, we can see them with classic lounges and dining rooms but also with other more modern ones, such as the Nordic ones.

Vintage kitchens

Vintage kitchens constitute another of the classic kitchen lines that we carry out the most. It is very successful among the young public as the vintage has become increasingly current and many people want their kitchen to make a wink to other times.

And if we look at traditional kitchens with a vintage touch we must necessarily talk about Mid-Century kitchens. This type of kitchen reminds us in some of its components of the kitchens of the fifties and sixties, but with a revision that makes them perfect for this decade and also for the next one.

Wooden kitchen

Finally, we can highlight the wooden kitchens as another of the very strong trends in classic kitchens. The wood is in fashion, like the rest of the materials of natural origin like the stone. It is worn in all natural shades varnished, both light and dark, even mahogany-colored wood.

But also lacquered woods. One of the most requested designs is that of a kitchen in white wood. A traditional kitchen but that also fits very well in the minimalist decorations and Scandinavian-type decorations. Homes with white furniture in any of their rooms are still in fashion and will surely continue to be so for a long time because they are perfect for small apartments, creating a great feeling of space.

Classic custom-made kitchens

We are specialists in carrying out projects for kitchens of all types, from modern kitchens to the most classic models. We have a great experience in vintage kitchens and traditional wood designs. Come and discover everything we can do for you.

We make your kitchen project adapted to your home and also to your tastes and needs. Together, we will create a kitchen that satisfies you one hundred percent and in which you enjoy yourself both when you use it, because it is practical and functional, and when you are not using it because it is beautiful and because of all it brings to your home.

Come to our kitchen store in Alicante and we will help you to give life to a classic kitchen and at the same time with all the advances that will make your day to day much easier. A kitchen that you will enjoy for a long time and that will never go out of fashion.


In this type of vintage kitchens you can appreciate details such as lamps that imitate modern mid-century lamps, but of new manufacture.

Or furniture that reminds in its image to those that were in the kitchens of those times, but that in its interior hides all kinds of separators or door opening systems of the most current.

White wooden kitchens are perfect for small kitchens, but they also look great in larger kitchens, so they can fit into settings as different as a large country house or a small city apartment.

The key is to find the right design that makes the house shine with its own personality thanks to a custom-made kitchen that brings that unique touch to the home.

Do you want the kitchen of your dreams? Now you can have it with our financing, contact us and find out.