About Tèmpore Casa

Our shop is the best example of our work

Tèmpore Casa was created at the end of 2003 in order to provide all those who are bored of the conventional and the established, a new way of understanding interior design. A new form of design that transcends the barriers of mere sensory perceptions and reaches out to real feelings.

At Tèmpore Casa, we do not seek physical solutions to problems of space; we design interiors that transmit feelings. Proposals which reach inside and bring about feelings of harmony with our environment and within ourselves. A new concept of architecture conceived to achieve both physical and spiritual wellbeing.

1. Concept

Behind each creative expression there is an underlying concept.

Every picture, sculpture, building, piece of music or even film or television commercial, is nothing more than the materialisation, more or less ingenious, of a previously studied and calculated concept.

Creativity, is the region between work and aesthetics. At Tempore Casa, we see interior design and décor in this way: a creative expression which is fruit of the work and development of a concept studied for each particular case.

2. Project

The first step in executing an interior design project is the study, in all senses, of the space and the needs of the people who will use it. We work on both questions meticulously and separately and later combine the results and create a solid and well designed project. A project which will wholly satisfy the needs of the person and take maximum advantage of the space.

Our space, your space.
In our establishment will find the most faithful example of how we work. A space designed by our own architects, product of a prior study of the needs and possibilities of the space. Thus, in Tèmpore Casa, you have a sample of how our architects solve problems of space and aesthetics in harmony with comfort.

3. Evolution

For Tèmpore Casa there is no greater satisfaction that the successful culmination of a project. Witnessing how what was simply an idea a few months earlier is transformed into reality. This is what we understand as evolution: the art of creating, out of nothing, the materialisation of an idea.

At Tèmpore Casa, we believe in this concept and work day by day to bring hundreds of ideas to reality.

There is no greater satisfaction than the successful culmination of a project.

The attention to detail is what makes all the difference.


Brand - Marks

Since the day of its inauguration, Tèmpore Casa has been consolidating and has become synonymous with quality, style and good taste. This has been party thanks to our passion for things well done and our vocation for good work and partly thanks to our collaboration with some of the most prestigious international brands.

The top international brands brought together under one name: Tèmpore Casa.

A design and décor, carefully studied beforehand, are the key to both physical and spiritual comfort.



Faithful to our philosophy, we create homes that go beyond simple physical convenience and comfort. Homes provide spiritual comfort. A space where the internal is as comfortable as the external.

Our projects always consist of the best materials and the top brands. Only by working with the best quality products, will we obtain the best results.

The best materials applied in even the smallest details ensure the maximum life and durability of all our projects.

On occasion, the details least seen or which are given the least importance at the beginning are the ones which make the difference between a house conceived with style and house which is exceptional in all its details.

"Beauty is the harmony between all the parts of a whole, so that nothing can be added, taken away or changed without the whole becoming imperfect.” Alberti


Are you an architect, decorator or interior designer?

In tempore casa, we have organized a department ONLY FOR PROFESSIONALS, we would be happy to collaborate in joint projects. Contact us and we will gladly assist you.