Our home says a lot about us, and what it says depends only on us. At Tèmpore Casa, we are specialists in making your home say what you want it to say; we are image specialists.

“Architecture is a question of harmonies, a pure creation of the spirit. Employing stone, wood and concrete, houses, palaces, are built; that is construction: the engineer working; but in a moment, you touch my heart, do me good, I feel happy and I say: this is beautiful, this is architecture, art enters me.” Le Corbusier


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Tell us about your project that you have in mind and we study your case, we offer you the best solution that adapts perfectly to your needs.


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A house with its own style

In tempore casa, we have organized a department ONLY FOR PROFESSIONALS, we would be happy to collaborate in joint projects. Contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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Do you want the kitchen of your dreams? Now you can have it with our financing, contact us and find out.