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Are you an architect, decorator or interior designer?
Discover why you should choose our Doimo Cucine kitchens for your next design project.

Fully Custom High-End Kitchens

As experts in interior design we know the importance of adapting spaces to the people who live in them. Our kitchen furniture and accessories can be adapted to any environment, regardless of its size or internal structure.

Variety in Doimo Materials

We work with the best materials on the market such as distributors officers of Doimo Cucine. Find the finishes or materials you need in each of your projects among a large number of options and manage to give life to elegant and functional kitchens at the height of your clients.

100% made in Italy

All our kitchen furniture has an Italian signature since it is manufactured in this country. Doimo Cucine has established itself as one of the most important brands in the high-end kitchen sector, in which design and functionality are especially relevant.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

In addition to kitchen furniture, we have accessories and lighting systems to offer a complete design space. Find solutions to equip the interiors of base units, wall units and columns.

Eco-friendly panels and packaging that disappears

At Tèmpore we are sustainable. We have IdroLEB ecological panels made with FSC-certified post-consumer wood and we use recycled materials so that the packaging can be disposed of simply and quickly.

Proposals and advice

Tell us about your next project and let us be part of it. If you have doubts, we have professionals with enough experience to advise you and help you make the best decisions.


Complete, versatile and unique system with which to enjoy this space while working and living together. With an internal aluminum frame, it stands out because it is the most ecological line we have. The exterior is covered with boards with different finishes that you can choose from.

Model D12

It has the thinnest door in the All-around system with a thickness of 12mm. Its core is also made of 100% recyclable aluminum and the exterior part has several finishes: matte, glossy or lacquered.

Model D20

Door in various finishes, ideal for color lovers since you can choose between matte, glossy and metal effect shades. 23mm thickness.

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