The best distribution for your kitchen

Are you thinking about renewing your kitchen, and do not know how to start?

When designing a kitchen, you have to choose materials, finishes and colors. But the most important thing is to know how to take advantage of the space your kitchen has in order to achieve a comfortable and functional kitchen.

Start by drawing a sketch, taking all the measurements of the walls of the kitchen, from left to right, both in length and width, and also the height from the floor to the ceiling, leaving space for doors, windows.

The next note that must be put, are the three most important areas that all kitchens have: the work zones.

  • The first is the cooking zone, which must be where the smoke outlet and the gas and electricity connections are.
  • The second is the washing, which should be close to the water intake and drains.
  • And finally, the third that is the storage area.

Once we have the sketch and with the three work zones clearly defined, we would choose one of the 5 types of cuisine. There are five variants of kitchens:

  • Kitchens L (angular). It is ideal for a large space. Position all the elements in two walls:


  • U kitchens (in gulf). It is developed on three consecutive sides, allows to have large work areas and offers the possibility for a dining room:


  • Kitchens in LINEA. It develops on a single wall, for a small space, elongated and narrow, in this case the kitchen is placed on a single wall:


  • Kitchens peninsulas (in parallel). Perfect design for elongated kitchens, but in this case spacious and spacious. Ideal to separate the kitchen and living:


  • Kitchens with CENTRAL ISLAND. An ideal distribution for large and large spaces to place an island in the middle, is an attractive kitchen and also offers a lot of work space and storage:


The choice of a kitchen depends on the aesthetic preferences, tastes and customs of the person who uses it, the structure of the space and also the budget.


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