Modern Kitchens in Alicante

In Tèmpore casa, we are specialists in kitchens. As interior design professionals, we know the importance that the kitchen has in the home. It is not in vain that it is called the heart of the house and, in the current architectural proposals, it is finally taking its rightful place, being the central point of the house.

It is well known that when a client goes to see modern kitchens in Alicante, he does so now knowing much more about what he is going to see, what he wants to find and what his style is. Internet has opened a window that has connected the final buyer with the world of interior design and it is easy to know all the trends and styles.

As experts, our function is that in your modern kitchen you don’t miss a single detail, offering the client personalized proposals. Each family is unique and each kitchen must adapt to these differences. That’s why we don’t create two equal spaces, but rather we work each one to create unique modern kitchens, very functional and that integrate into the home to give it a better balance.

Modern kitchen trends

In Tèmpore Casa we offer modern kitchens in Alicante that are at the forefront of all current trends. In our store we work with the best interior designers who will give life to the most current proposals adapting them to each client.

You can find modern white kitchens, a trend that has been with us for some time and continues with the same force. The white kitchens are a long-standing classic that every season is renewed with the contributions of the best brands to achieve more personalized spaces and greater performance.

A small modern kitchen... is it possible?

The size of the kitchen is a determining factor in its design, but it is possible to create a small modern kitchen by taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by the space. This will create a highly functional kitchen in relation to your size and with a look as attractive, modern and current as any larger kitchen.

The white modern kitchens fit very well in this type of small modern kitchen, since that color allows that the space seems greater and that it is gained in luminosity. This will make the kitchen more attractive.


We also find other proposals as novel and at the same time as contrary to the previous one as the modern black kitchen, an alternative to the white of all life or to the soft tones that in the last years we have found in the kitchens. Working with this color to achieve a sophisticated and elegant environment and at the same time not subtract light from the space is a challenge that we love to face for our customers.

The modern kitchen with island is another option that can be discovered in our project catalog. In a short time, islands have stopped being something anecdotal and only found in very high-end kitchens to be something more common in our homes. This has been so because the open style, in which kitchen, dining room and living room share the same space, has also become popular.

But these are not the only trends in modern kitchens that you will find in our store. You can also enjoy wonderful Vintage style kitchens, modern industrial kitchens or very minimalist spaces but perfectly designed so that everything has an exquisite balance.

When space is at a premium, a good solution is to open the kitchen to the living room by creating a modern kitchen with an island that looks much larger and is much easier to work in. A work that in most cases is simple to do and that makes the whole house win.

The options are many to create kitchens in Alicante. And to do it in a personalized way so that each client has that one that fits like a glove in his home and in his lifestyle is our passion.