Designer kitchens in Alicante

Italian and minimalist design kitchen collections

Doimoo Kitchens in Alicante


The old collection of Doimo Cucine combines both with open elements of varnished veneer and handles as well as with different depth modules and hanging furniture. Chromatic combinations between 10 different colors.



It is a modern modular kitchen, unstructured, classic version, constituted with compact dimensions, very coloured, industrial, minimalist or Vintage sixties/seventies.



It is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a quality modular kitchen at an affordable price. The wide selection of finishes, lacquers, polymers and the most current melamine, makes it an easy, practical and modern kitchen.



It is a kitchen with natural materials, combined with technical and innovative materials. It converts any atmosphere into warm and harmonious with the panelling of Acacia thermos.



It is a modern modular kitchen, with a variety of finishes, colours and several doors opening systems; With traditional Gola, flat gola, puller and push-pull. A kitchen with a harmonious eclectic design.



It is a classic style kitchen with contemporary version, with doors with wooden frame, or in MDF for lacquers, small size moldings, with handles or push-pull opening. It gathers elegant details, refined and visible.



It is an industrial-style kitchen, where steel, reinforced glass, metal and lacquered metal effect reign in compositions. The chestnut finishes bring home warmth.
To divide the spaces, SOHO offers us the shelf in black metal.



It is a modular kitchen with glass doors, wood, FENIX or the preferred material. It is characterized by aluminum doors, 100% recyclable, which defines it as a collection with ecological philosophy.
Order and symmetry combined with refined touch.



Are you an architect, decorator or interior designer?

In tempore casa, we have organized a department ONLY FOR PROFESSIONALS, we would be happy to collaborate in joint projects. Contact us and we will gladly assist you.


Kitchen budgets

Tell us about your project that you have in mind and we study your case, we offer you the best solution that adapts perfectly to your needs.

How to redecorate my kitchen

Redecorating your kitchen can be a complicated task that will take many headaches, we want to avoid it. Relax, think of yourself, how you want the project to be, contact our experts and leave it in your hands. The next step will be preparing you to enjoy a design kitchen that has been exclusively designed for you and has been inspired by the latest trends in interior design. We recommend that you fully trust our experts, they will advise you on everything you need to get the kitchen you want.

Doimo Cucine in Tèmpore House

From Tèmpore Casa. we want to propose the best materials, finishes and designs. To do this, we have selected a brand responsible for the environment, Doimo Cucine. You will find current avant-garde, minimalist designs of straight or curved lines, elegant, simple, of varied colors and with all the details that you need to implement in your space. Decorate the interiors of your home with quality marks, to get your spaces to have that air you are looking for. Distinguish your spaces from the more traditional models, by contacting our experts.

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