SoHo is a kitchen with an industrial style, inspired by factories transformed into apartments, filled with steel, wired glass, metal and metal-effect lacquer finishes. Domestic warmth is introduced by no less than five chestnut finishes and attentive details. They include a unique profile frame cabinet door that brings a soft touch, a projecting edge profile and countertop trays that bring movement to SoHo’s sedate qualities. Another of SoHo’s characteristic is its black metal bookshelf which make an ideal divider.


Brand - Marks

Since the day of its inauguration, Tèmpore Casa has been consolidating and has become synonymous with quality, style and good taste. This has been party thanks to our passion for things well done and our vocation for good work and partly thanks to our collaboration with some of the most prestigious international brands.



Faithful to our philosophy, we create homes that go beyond simple physical convenience and comfort. Homes provide spiritual comfort. A space where the internal is as comfortable as the external.

Our projects always consist of the best materials and the top brands. Only by working with the best quality products, will we obtain the best results.

The best materials applied in even the smallest details ensure the maximum life and durability of all our projects.


Are you an architect, decorator or interior designer?

In tempore casa, we have organized a department ONLY FOR PROFESSIONALS, we would be happy to collaborate in joint projects. Contact us and we will gladly assist you.


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Tell us about your project that you have in mind and we study your case, we offer you the best solution that adapts perfectly to your needs.

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